Chances are, you became a baseball fan because your parents took you to games as a child. Or maybe it was your uncle, or a someone from church.

Whatever the case, you probably didn’t know much about the game when you slid down into your seat for the first time, but you were enamored with the smell of the freshly cut grass, the crack of the bat, the home plate umpire’s balls and strikes call, the fun promotions between innings, the mascots, the cotton candy, and the frenzy of the crowd when the home team took the lead.

That’s what this blog is about. Numbers have a place in the game, no doubt. But this site exists to talk about the rest of the baseball experience. Hopefully, you’ll fall even deeper in love with the game while you’re here.

New HeadshotLee Warren is a writer whose work about the game has appeared on Yahoo! Sports and MinorLeagueBall.com, and in various newspapers and magazines, including MiLB.com, Sports Spectrum, Sharing the VICTORY, The Pathway newspaper, the Heartland Gatekeeper newspaper, and many others. You can connect with him on Twitter or read more of his writing on his author website.